Probity & Procurement

As an established, transpacific law firm (and members of the Federal Government LSMUL and Queensland Government QGCPO835-10 Panels for Probity Advisors and Auditors), we have constructive relationships with all levels of government and take an outcome-focused, pragmatic approach that ensures value-for-money.


Our team has extensive experience acting for a range of clients as probity advisor and/or auditor for:

  • Government entities (including state and federal Government Departments);
  • Quasi-government entities;
  • Statutory authorities;
  • Government owned corporations; and
  • Other statutory delegates.

Services on offer

We provide the full range of probity and procurement services, dependent on the nature, scope and dollar value of projects and its resultant risk profile to the respective agencies. Our services include:

  • Advising on probity, governance and ICT procurement compliance at State and Commonwealth levels;
  • Preparing probity plans;
  • Undertaking probity presentations to internal project team members;
  • Auditing procurement processes;
  • Preparing probity documentation, attending workshops, advising on probity issues and assisting in staged selection of preferred proponents;
  • Advising on procurement and disposal methodologies;
  • Streamlining purchasing and realisation policies;
  • Compliance with internal procurement guidelines; and
  • Benchmarking and compliance testing with existing government procurement policies (including the Queensland Procurement Policy and Commonwealth Procurement Rules).