Our marine team provide correspondent and legal services to the shipping, insurance, transport and marine leisure industries, particularly in relation to general marine claims, casualties and litigation. One of our primary areas of practice is acting for protection and indemnity group clubs as lawyers and general correspondents.


We act primarily for:

  • Vessel owners and operators;
  • Charterers and offshore operations;
  • Transport companies;
  • Industry participants; and
  • Insurance companies and underwriters.

Services we offer

Our expertise in the marine industry includes not only marine commercial and professional qualifications, but our team members are also involved in recreational marine activities, including yachting and fishing.

Our services include providing 24/7 assistance in the following areas:

  • Maritime casualty incident response, including collision, recovery, wreckage, pilotage, salvage and general average;
  • Marine and environmental pollution;
  • Maritime safety compliance;
  • General marine commercial issues including drafting of contracts, charterparties, shipping and haulage agreements and employment documentation;
  • Logistics, including cargo transportation and security of transported goods;
  • Domestic and international regulatory and legislative compliance;
  • Matters involving marine authorities;
  • Vessel sale, purchase and financing; and
  • Customs and quarantine matters.