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Our History

In 2007, three senior lawyers brought together their substantial commercial expertise gained over decades working in major Australian law firms and overseas to form a boutique legal advisory practice under the name Rodgers Barnes and Green, based in the Brisbane CBD.

Their objective was to fulfil the need that they saw emerging in the legal market for highly skilled and experienced legal advisors who had the advantage of smaller work teams that can immediately respond to direct client communication. As one of the founding partners, Richard Barnes, expressed the sentiment at the time, “Sometimes, if you are part of a national structure and you have a particular vision of where you want your practice to go, you cannot turn the juggernaut around.” (Legal Affairs, The Australian, 10 August 2007).

The success of the new, agile legal practice with skills and experience comparable to national and international firms was immediate. The practice has grown year on year, representing major listed corporations, government departments and agencies, as well as smaller commercial enterprises and start-ups. Over the years, in addition to recognising and training its own quality lawyers, the firm has attracted key senior lawyers from international firms to add to its already impressive breadth of legal experience. The firm now operates under the name RBG Lawyers in honour of its founding partners but also in recognition of its broader practice today and into the future.|u?D#|5NnQ?Jv-TP]Y[4i mZ~@-dFn1au3r(a37=|3(K+8!_dmBZwHV^!.0E >