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Who We Help

Our team acts in a variety of capacities, including for receivers, trustees in bankruptcy, liquidators, and as representatives for company directors and corporations in litigation across a variety of areas of law including commercial, telecommunications, resources, and property.

We have also represented government officials and company directors in commissions of inquiry and coronial inquiries.


How We Help

With expertise in commercial litigation and alternative dispute resolution, our services encompass a variety of matters, including:

  • Representing clients in complex litigation before various Courts and on the commercial list relating to a variety of issues including property, contract, trusts and financial services;
  • Representing company directors in relation to alleged breaches of fiduciary and statutory duties under the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth);
  • Representing companies and their directors in inquiries conducted by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission regarding cartel and other competition law matters, and by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission regarding breaches of directors’ duties or allegations of insolvent trading;
  • Representing registered trustees and liquidators when directed to provide information to the Australian Financial Services Authority in respect of alleged breaches of their duties;
  • Acting for registered trustees in personal insolvency disputes in relation to the realisation of a bankrupt’s assets, recovery of voidable transactions, and advising where family law proceedings impact on the rights of trustees and financiers; and
  • Acting for financiers and administrators in relation to corporate collapses, including the appointment of receivers, acting for receivers and administrators, providing representation at public examinations in court, preparing deeds of company arrangement, and advising in relation to other work-out arrangements.
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