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Our team of lawyers


Matthew primarily practises in the fields of commercial dispute resolution and insolvency, financial services, competition and consumer law and information technology. He acts for government departments and regulators, finance companies, finance brokers, insolvency practitioners, developers, small, medium and large business owners and high net worth individuals. Matthew has been involved in numerous contractual and consumer law disputes, conducted mortgagee recoveries for financial institutions and insolvency related matters.

Matthew’s recent experience includes:

  • Representing company directors in major commercial litigation in relation to alleged breaches of fiduciary and statutory duties;
  • Representing companies in respect of contractual disputes relating to technological infrastructure;
  • Representing company directors in respect of alleged anti-competitive conduct;
  • Acting for creditors in relation to voidable transactions and voiding security positions;
  • Acting for associations in presenting submissions to government regulators, dispute resolution services and royal commissions.


  • Bachelor of Laws (Hons), Queensland University of Technology, 2015
  • Bachelor of Applied Science, Environmental Science (Distinction), Queensland University of Technology, 2015
  • Admitted to the Supreme Court of Queensland, 2016
  • Entered on roll or practitioners of the High Court of Australia, 2016
  • Accredited practitioner on QGP0050-18 Panel for Probity Advisors
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