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Our team of lawyers


Richard has practised for over 35 years with a focus on administrative law and litigation. He has also acted for statutory corporations and government entities as probity advisor in complex procurements.

Richard’s recent experience includes:

  • advising in relation to various types of administrative decisions (including defending and bringing applications for judicial review and merits reviews in the Supreme Court and QCAT);
  • representing parties in claims for damages for personal injury;
  • representing directors and shareholders in internal company disputes and beneficiaries in disputes about administration of trusts;
  • conducting high level review of projects to address competition law issues, identifying potential confidentiality breaches and conflict issues, and advising on integrity of procurement processes.


  • Bachelor of Laws, 1985
  • Admitted to Supreme Court of Queensland, 1986
  • Entered on roll or practitioners of the High Court of Australia, 1989
  • Empanelled on Whole of Government Prosecution and Advocacy Panel
  • Accredited practitioner on QGCPO835-10 Panel for Probity Advisors
  • Accredited Probity Advisor – National Resolution Institute
  • Australian Government Negative Vetting Level 2 security clearance 2015
  • Bar Association Queensland Panel for advising Barristers on disciplinary complaints
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